Santa Setti's Christmas Village in Norwalk, CT [Photos]

Christmas in Connecticut - 2014

I know I'm not the only one feeling the January blues already, so I'd love to bring back some Christmas spirit with a truly memorable photoset. This was the last year for Mr. & Mrs. Setti's Christmas Village display on Midwood Road in Norwalk, CT and it was by far one of the best I've ever seen with over 150,000 lights and 400 hand-carved characters. In fact, their Christmas display and story was so great this year that they won "The Great Christmas Light Fight" on ABC-TV! After 26 years of putting up their lights and display for the children of Norwalk, Rick and Joan Setti are closing the village, so we made sure to visit them at least 3 different times this season with our close relatives to take it all in and to capture these photos in case you missed it. Enjoy!

Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography 2015

Here's the entrance of the Setti's beautiful Christmas display where you feel like you're actually entering the North Pole!

Top image: My husband, Trent and our dog Lulu from the first night we visited the Setti's 2014 display.

The Settis had a total of over 150,000 lights and 400 hand-carved & hand-painted characters in their display which attracts over 5,000 visitors every year!

Here is one of the hand-crafted houses in the village featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Check out the little beds Mrs. Setti created using iron planters! All of the houses were built with recycled materials.

On December 22, 2000, Mayor Esposito of Norwalk, CT declared it Rick and Joan Setti Appreciation Day to thank them for bringing joy and Christmas cheer to the children of Norwalk.

This memorial display was created by the Settis in remembrance of the innocent lives of 20 children and 6 adult staff members lost during the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on 12/14/12 in Newtown, CT. 

A special display in honor of the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.

The Nativity scene featuring a handmade creche and figures.

A display of an Early American Christmas - the details are just so amazing!

The Christmas lights with slow shutter speed while zooming.

Midwood Rd. was packed on Christmas day with visitors lining up to see the display!

We had the pleasure of meeting the Settis a few days before Christmas and could truly see how passionate they were about their Christmas Village. "It's all for the kids," said Rick Setti. We spoke about all of the people they have met and the new friends they have made by putting up this display for the past 26 years. They cherish every year and memory and hope that they have inspired others to spread Christmas cheer with their own displays. 

On behalf of everyone, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Setti for the years of hard work and dedication for hosting Santa Setti's Christmas Village for all to enjoy and create memories that will last a lifetime. We wish you all the best for retirement. God bless you both.

-Natasha Miller

Santa Setti's Christmas Village 2015 - Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography