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I became a photographer because I have a passion of creating beautiful photographs and sharing them with the world. Seeing my clients relive their special day with their photos and sharing the memories with their families & friends gives us so much joy. It's why I do what I do.

I first realized the power of print when my cousin, Hamal, passed away when I was 16. As a family, we gathered all of the photographs we had with him to create scrapbooks and photo collages and we were able to relive each and every memory as we were celebrating his life together. That wouldn't have happened if someone didn't print those photographs from back when we were growing up to his last birthday with us.

After that experience, I started printing more of my photos, making family albums, and displaying special prints throughout our home. When photos live on your phone, computer, or hard-drive, they're not tangible and you don't get the same experience as holding a timeless print or album in your hands that you can share with your family & friends. That's why I believe in the power of print.

When I photographed a wedding a few years back, it was one of the last times the wedding couple saw their grandfather who passed away shortly after and they were so happy to be able to have those photos of him at their wedding and in their album to cherish forever. They were able to present their grandmother with a print from their wedding of one of the last photographs she took with her husband. This is why I believe your special moments are meant to be cherished with prints. Let's get to work on turning those digitals into timeless memories.

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