Professional Headshot Photographer in Stamford, CT

It is so important today more than ever to have a professional headshot, especially for your LinkedIn profile or your 'About' or 'Meet the Team' page for a company website. Whenever I receive a lead, I will either Google that person or look them up on LinkedIn - I know you do this too! Having a professional photo representing you is something that can help you appear more serious within your industry or peer group, especially when looking for a new job. It can also help people put a face to a name if you're in the sales or marketing industry and have to cold-call or email contacts all day. It adds a trust factor that wasn't there before if you leave your picture blank. I've seen so many people on LinkedIn with graduation photos as their profile pic even though they graduated over 5 years ago (no offense) or even worse, selfies!!

If you're interested in updating your professional headshot, LinkedIn profile picture, or any of my portrait photography services, I'm offering 1 hour portrait sessions in Stamford, CT and throughout Fairfield and Westchester County starting at $125. With the peak foliage season coming up, we're looking forward to capturing high-quality photos that will make you look your very best online! 

Check out these recent headshots and group shot, Natasha Miller - Headshot Photographer in Stamford, CT, captured for a good looking team in White Plains, NY:

Headshot Photographer in Stamford, CT Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography