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Sports Photography: Yankees vs Red Sox

It's Jeter's final season, so my husband bought us tickets to the Yankee game vs the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, September 4th. It was perfect weather for a night game and we had great bleacher seats in front of Bald Vinny in section 203 who does the roll call for the Yankees in the first inning as they take the field. I was able to capture a great action shot of Bald Vinny cupping his hands when shouting the roll call with the reflection of the entire Yankee Stadium in his glasses as well as the players responding to the call!

Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography 2014 - All rights reserved.

Shortly after the 3rd inning, we met up with my brother, his wife and best friend who had great seats behind home plate and ended up staying with them for the rest of the game. I asked the security guard if I can walk down to capture these shots of Jeter below since it was one of the last opportunities I had to capture his swing and stance as he hit a pop-up.

The game was a very exciting one, especially towards the end. During the 9th inning, Teixeira hit a game-tying home run off Uehara and then Headley hit a walk-off home run, lifting the Yanks to a 5-4 victory over Boston! What an incredible game! I was so glad I had my DSLR to capture the emotions of the end of the game and the celebrations. 

Here are some more photos from the spectacular night at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx:

Sports Photographer in Stamford, CT Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography