1st International Day of Friendship in Brooklyn, NY: Nepalese Dance

The Ridgewood Nepalese Society participated at the 1st International Day of Friendship on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at Brooklyn Borough Hall & Columbus Park. They did a terrific job dancing to traditional Nepalese music wearing colorful, authentic attire.

Hundreds of spectators gathered on the steps and in front of the Brooklyn Borough Hall to watch cultures from around the world dance to traditional music with beautiful attire and bright smiles. It was great to see a large, diverse group socializing, enjoying the dances, and learning about the different cultures. It's really refreshing to see people from all over the world celebrate the 1st International Day of Friendship in Brooklyn especially with what's happening across the world at this time. I hope more cities start celebrating this special day annually with similar festivals. This time hundreds of Americans "spread love the Brooklyn way."

Below some of my photos showcasing the beautiful Nepali culture and dance.

Event Photographer in Stamford, CT Photos by Natasha Miller ©Tashography